Contingency Recruitment

Contingency recruitment is typically used on less specialist and more generalised roles where the client is looking for a fast service and an accurate match to their requirements. Bentley’s contingency approach produces accurate results, thanks to the company’s 35 years of experience and its use of recruitment-trained industry professionals.

The contingency solution allows clients to keep their options open and many will use multiple agencies to recruit a position. However, many agencies treat contingency as a reason to provide lower quality CV's, resulting in poor matching to the client's requirements

The Process

Bentley are more specialised in their approach to contingency recruitment compared with the majority of recruiters. Our industry sector expertise enables us to quickly interpret your requirements and produce results to a timescale through careful CV matching and analysis. This is made possible through our robust client / server technology which incorporates web technology and advanced search engines to deliver a successful conclusion.

For clients with a large recruitment requirement / specialist requirement Bentley offers bespoke packages, priority and major accounts solutions.


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